My frequencies

I have been very involved in the latest years on Aalborg Student Radio, and now recently, I started a new project with a good friend Manuca Selectah. My passion for radio made me develop an exclusive morning radio show for more than a year on Aalborg’s local student radio. For it, I have made plenty of radio imaging content, I conducted and published several interviews, and I also produced a handful of field reportages. Now, I am only focus on conducting interviews and radio post-production.


My weekly radio show hosted at Aalborg Student Radio was called “Morning Lemon”. It was hosted every Friday from 07:30 until 09:00, and I tried to wake the local international community up with some bitter music and relevant news. You can find most of the podcasts in my Mixcloud page.


During my experience at Aalborg Student Radio I have also participated in the planning and development of our annual radio celebration event called “On Air Festival”. We had both upcoming bands and djs playing on several stages, while we did some live radio broadcast at some times.


At some point I had some extra hands to conduct my morning radio show. With Leysha, from Canada, we developed some interesting interviews, but in general, all the collaboration with many of ASR members was an ongoing thing.

Mimas Jingles

Besides developing radio imaging content for my own morning show, I also recorded and produced several jingles for Aalborg Student Radio. At one point, I coordinated a Jingles Workshop to introduce the team with the art of making jingles.

I usually listen to radio everyday, and some of my favourite radio stations are Radio Renascenca (PT), Antena 1 (PT), Tok fm (PL), Radio Nord (DK), DR P4 (DK) and Solar Radio (EN). I honestly love to listen some talk-shows & news, and I of course enjoy the greatest hits from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.


In the recent times, I have started a new project with a good friend from Portugal – Manuel, aka Manuca Selectah. We both share the passion for radio and reggae, although Manuel is more disciplined in the reggae scene. I am learning with him a lot. He lives in San Sebastian (Spain), and I am in Aalborg (Denmark), nonetheless, we manage to plan interview scripts, video and photo footage, and of course the podcasts post-production. We aim at visiting some reggae related festivals and concerts where we can interview upcoming and established names in the scene. We want to spread the good vibes and some more trivia about the genre and the artists with true Jamaican Patois. Many people enjoy Reggae and we think we can get them closer to new artists and songs. 

Mimas with Umami