Playing music and developing radio has never been so easy

My name is Miguel Oliveira, and I am young Portuguese living in Denmark. I enjoy listening to radio and playing instruments. 
I am fascinated by the great energy of Disco and Funk, I fancy the good old and new school Hip-hop, and I get inspired by Reggae vibes.
I started playing around with music some time ago when I got introduced to Dance E-jay, and later Fruity Loops. I currently use Ableton for my productions.
I enjoy keyboards, guitars and percussion instruments.
I used to play music in bars and festivals here and there, mostly playing Disco, Funk and Hip-hop.
I did radio at Aalborg Student Radio, and nowadays I have my own radio podcast around Reggae with my good friend Manuca Selectah.
These days I enjoy making my productions when I have time for it, or when I truly get inspired.

I dedicate most of my free time to my productions, and visiting the awesome Karolinelund Park in Aalborg.


I used to dj sometimes, especially with my good friends from Aalborg Student Radio. Now I tend to produce original tracks.


I was an active member of Aalborg Student Radio, where I learned a lot. Now I have my own radio podcast called Reggae Mic.

Youtube Mimas selections

You can find some of my favourite songs ranging from many genres in my Youtube channel – MrMimasSpot – In there you can Mimas Special Selections Vol. I and Vol. II.


You can also listen to some of my Spotify playlists – with a special focus on ReggaeMic’s interviewed artists best tunes…